Training Log: 03/18/2014

Class began with ukemi, including unorthodox dive rolls. We moved on to some open-door and leading techniques from one and two punches, experimenting with alternating threats to confuse the attacker. The rest of class focused on Ryusui Iki, such as Tomoe Nage and Yoko Nagare, and ended with Hito.

Training Log 03/11/2014

After standard ukemi (with a little bit of a twist), we brought out a chair and performed ukemi from being seated in the chair.

The primary focus of the class was on suwari gata, working through Ichi Geki and Osai Komi. We finished the class with techniques for lying prone with the attacker on top, using a variation of O Gyaku to assist.

Training Log 02/25/2014

Class began with Ukemi Taihenjutsu per usual, with some improvised Shinkengata Taihenjutsu.

The rest of class was focused on aligning our feet, and thus generally our bodies, towards the intended target, moving out of the way with a pivot, step, or yoko aruki. This was presented by way of very simple (1- or 2- step) techniques either unarmed, with sword and/or bo, and combinations of same.

Training Log 02/20/2014

Training began with Ukemi Taihenjutsu as usual, followed by Shinkengata Taihenjutsu.

We moved on to the Go Gyo (individually), followed by a separate waza (with partner) for each element to give a better understanding of the different ways they can present themselves.

The rest of class was focused on Omote Gyaku as seen through different Ryu, and taking the gyaku in different directions (around, out, down, up).