After bowing in, classes usually begin with a light warm-up, which could take the form of some body movement skills (taihenjutsu) and/or San Shin — intense stretching is not advised as it can damage muscle if the body isn’t warmed up. Students will then move on to practicing rolls and break-falls (ukemi), or the general training will begin.

Training structure in the Bujinkan most often consists of the instructor presenting a technique, then the students will break off into groups to practice the technique. After an amount of time, the instructor will show an altered form of the technique in order to present a different situation for the same principle of movement. These variations allow students to see how a movement can evolve, and remain relevant, in multiple scenarios.

Training Fees for Adult Classes
Individual (per person):
$10 per class

There are no contracts at the Rio Rancho Bujinkan Dojo.