Training Log 04/22/2014

Class began with ukemi as usual, with the major part of class focused on sabaki (足捌き) in general. We evaded multiple attacks from uke for a minute or two, uke being both unarmed and armed. Then we moved on to recovering from a punch with 3 timings: late, simultaneous, and early.

Training Log 04/15/2014

Tuesday training began with ukemi per usual, but we did it outside the dojo on the rocks. Then we trained Omote Gyaku, Ura Gyaku, and Musha Dori henka while holding the small items that we brought to class, as well as Muso Dori henka not using our hands at all (not grabbing with hands). There was a lot of focus shifted to what we were holding, so the class then moved on to learning how to let go. This was accomplished by throwing weapons away, dropping them, or letting the opponent take them.

Training Log 03/25/2014

Class began with ukemi, and was then very free afterwards. Continuing to move uninhibited was the key point discussed. This presented itself first in an Osoto Nage that wasn’t completed, which transitioned into Ura Gyaku. Then, Keri Kaeshi turned back into Osoto Nage. Eyes up, looking around, and using the act of walking to keep from getting tunnel vision on the attacker.

The rest of class was using that concept with multiple attackers, 2 and 3. Evasion, striking, and grappling.