Robert-sensei Seminar TONIGHT

Just a last-minute reminder that Robert-sensei is back from Japan and will be holding a seminar all weekend long about what he learned there. Sessions are tonight at 7:00p, tomorrow from 1:00p to 5:30p, and then finally on Sunday from 10:00a until Noon! CLICK HERE for the flyer. Hope to see you there!


Ganseki Nage Reference

Hi, all! I know this is yet another Facebook link, but given that we worked on Ganseki Nage last Thursday, I thought it would be a good idea to share what Arnaud was showing at his Paris Taikai (Arnaud Cousergue is regarded in the Bujinkan as one of the top guys in France to train with), Sveneric Bogsater and Peter King were also at the Taikai. These are European teachers that Soke regards very well.

Facebook Post Link

There are a few videos throughout the post; specifically, there’s a video somewhere near the middle where Arnaud is explaining how Seno-sensei is showing Ganseki Nage in Japan recently, moving the throwing arm towards the opposite knee, what they’re all working on in the post.

There are also some videos of everyone in the room training and working on the technique. These are so awesome, because it gives us a chance to see a wide variety of people and movement, and to see examples of things not working well, or examples of someone overcoming a particular circumstance to still be successful with the technique.

And if you’re on Facebook, follow these instructors there; they’re often posting various images and information that’s helpful! Anyway, have a good one!